About us

MERIDIAN SHIPPING LINES PVT LTD is one of the fast growing Shipping Lines, based in Tuticorin, India, set up with the objective of developing multi modal logistics support for International containerized cargo and trade. The task was to provide our customers with the advantages of direct interaction and the benefit of volume buying with the steamship lines, and ultimately, lower cost in the transportation of their goods to your customers from world wide destinations.

  1. Meridian Lines
  2. Meridian Logistics
MERIDIAN LINES spreads its wings from the South East Asian countries to the European countries. It has a vast area of agent’s network worldwide for the effective handling of their containers in the worldwide ports. As a neutral NVOCC catering to Local and International Custom Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Buying Agents, Shippers and Consignee's very high expectations in service levels from our customers is a natural demand. This is met surprising ease at MERIDIAN LINES in view of our constant In-House process of self-appraisal with regards to the level of services offered.

MERIDIAN LINES offers a one-stop-shopping and tailor-made solution for whatever need clients have in maritime services, the shipping industry is ever changing and MERIDIAN LINES prides itself that it can keep pace with the changes. With the mission "PROVISION OF WORLD CLASS SERVICE, CUSTOMER COMES FIRST", we will strive to offer new and diversified service packages to our valuable customers in the information era.

MERIDIAN LINES Shipment Tracking is built into all freight services. Our customers have access to the company's online system that provides shipment-level visibility from origin to final destination.

MERIDIAN LOGISTICS is another wing under Meridian Shipping Lines, which caters to the needs of the shippers domestically. It also has a large fleet of Trucks and Trailers, which connects every corner of the Indian Territory.

Inorder to facilitate our customers and partners moving ahead of their competition, we have developed and operated sophisticated information technology and computer system. This customized system integrates and co-ordinates all our activities and operation. All these programs not only increase the efficiency of our work process, they further allow us to provide more personalized service, which results in high service level, to our customers.

MERIDIAN LOGISTICS’s main strengths can be characterized as

• Its relatively undisputed position 'as sole-provider' of rail-hauls for containers;

• Its ability to provide modal choice (road or rail) according to the needs of the shipper and lead from the port;

• A dedicated network of state-of-the-art terminals across the country to capture traffic at the production / consumption centre.

• A distinct cost advantage offered by MERIDIAN LINES to users by virtue of their location in the ICD premises (which eliminate multiple handling and transportation)

• Excellent manpower resource: Professional management team, experts trained in multimodal logistics.

Our Head office is located in Tuticorin, India, and Our offices and key locations around the world represents an international network that helps you save time and money, whether you are doing business around the world, we have the resources, flexibility and know-how to meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively.